Why Digital Offset Printing?
You may ask yourself, "With so many great conventional printers in town, why would I want to go this new direction with my full color printing?"

The answer to that is "COST and SPEED." On small runs, you can produce your marketing piece in full color for about the same amount you would spend to print a two color piece on a conventional printing press. This is a boon to companies with small data bases or special needs for a very targeted piece aimed at a small group. Color is a huge factor in direct mail response - the more of it the better. Digital offset printing allows you to meet your response targets as well as your targeted budget.

According to industry data, most short-run needs are for job lengths of less than 100 Press Sheets — quite expensive until the arrival of digital offset printing from Color Express!

Why Indigo vs. Other Digital Offset Presses?
Unlike most digital offset printing, Indigo presses use liquid inks instead of powder toner (the basis of most "electronic" printing). Color deposit is cleaner, more consistent and capable of reproducing a richer color range. Digital offset offers a much wider selection of paper stock, and since the stock is not heated to "fuse" toner, there is no rippling or curling of the finished sheets.

Indigo's process combines the world's fastest imaging technology with offset printing to achieve the quality, latitude and reliability which, up to now, have been unique to offset printing.

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