By Design/Identity
ID IllustrationThe image that every business projects on thet little 2" x 3-1/2" card is the first impression made upon potential customers. It may be the "...most important seven square inches in the world of print communication.".1

Your business materials are the 24-hour silent salesmen that can either turn customers away or spur them on to learn more about your company. Identity is the front-line defense against the competition and the first-string offense in attracting new business.

Think about it. If you are presented with a sloppy business card, you may continue to pursue information about the company, but your enthusiasm wanes and that company may have a strike against it right off the bat. Let's say the next potential vendor comes in with a clean, visually powerful package of materials. Doesn't it kind of perk you up? Does it get you a little more excited about the process of determining if this company is the proper fit for your needs?


"Life After Work" photo by Gordon Morioka, Morioka & Associates 513-821-7076