FocalSeal Identity


Focal Inc. develops, manufacturers and commercializes synthetic absorbable, liquid surgical sealants based on the Company's proprietary polymer technology. FocalSeal-L™ and FocalSeal-S™ surgical sealant products are currently being developed for use inside the body with or without sutures and staples to seal leaks resulting from pulmonary surgery, neurosurgery, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal surgery.

The goal set for Wilson Design in designing the FocalSeal mark was to symbolize the changes that FocalSeal undergoes in the body — from a liquid to a solid (sealing the incision) through absorption.

The reversed out droplet in the mark represents the liquid form of FocalSeal. The square out of which the droplet is reversed represents the solidified product and the progression of squares shows the product broken up and disappearing from the body.

The type (Berkeley) was chosen for its elegant complement to the mark and for its classic form that will stand the test of time.