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A strong identity can help increase market share, and add tangible monetary value to any business.

Think about the impressions that companies like Apple, Starbucks, and IBM have made in your mind. Is this just a result of huge advertising budgets? How many other companies have astronomical budgets? Have their corporate images stuck with you?

Usage — the driver of the creative process.
If you have decided to create or re-create a corporate identity, we have some suggestions that will help your design team come up with a program that works in all applications of your corporate image.

Form follows function.
Give your design team all the information you can. Take the time to educate them. Tell them all about your product(s) or service(s), how they function, market demographics, the history of the company. You can even tell them about your human resources policies, employee incentives, etc. The more your design team knows about your overall corporate personality, the more accurately they will project exactly who you are in your new identity.